Brandy is a merciless 23-foot tall mob enforcer with an unusual weapon of choice: smashing guys with her massive, 2-ton tits. Her “little” sister, Tiffany, is a naive sweetheart with a weakness ¬†for men, and a love for ridin’ cowgirl. But at 15 feet, and with an hourglass-shaped body that weighs over 4-tons, Tiffany ends up smashing every guy she spends a night with. Tiff’ starts working for her sister, helping to “interrogate” a whole crew of mobsters. But an innocent man gets caught up in all of this, and things don’t go quite like they planned…

Junkyard Girls 2 is 200+ pages of wall-to-wall breast and butt crush. Complete with an extended mini-giantess girl-on-top sex sequence, Tiffany smashing a car with her enormous melons, and Brandy smashing gangsters between her gigantic boobs, Junkyard Girls 2 is the ultimate breast and butt-crush comic!

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