Kaylee 5 is now available!

Kaylee 5

Kaylee is happily tormenting her sister, making her watch as she rampages through Los Angeles, stepping on terrified citizens and crushing others under her enormous ass! But Kaylee is ambushed by a trio of tanks, and has her toughest fight yet. Can the sexy 21-year old giantess prevail over three powerful tanks armed with high-explosive shells? 

Yeah of course she can. Duh. But the battle takes some wild and sexy turns, and you’ll love how Kaylee dispatches the last tank! Then after they’re taken care of, Kaylee catches her sister, who was trying to escape, and uses her anger to grow even bigger and taller. With her ass now as wide as a two-lane road, Kaylee decides to show off how much damage her butt can do. Kayla begs her to stop the carnage, but that only gives Kaylee more ideas… and a nearby bus looks like a very squishable target!

Kaylee 5 has over 140 pages of hot giantess action! With giantess growth, butt crush, giantess vs. tank battles, destruction, foot crush, anal insertion, vore teasing, and more!

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New Patreon comics! vIXEN, bIANCA AND MORE!

Here’s a look at the new giantess comics I’m releasing this month!

All Natural 4 (mini-giantess growth, expansion) 

There’s something strange going on with Bessie the cow, and the milk maid who’s attending to her is going to go through some unexpected changes…
Bianca Part 3 (mini-giantess growth, sex, femdom)
Lee follows his Amazonian girlfriend to a strip club. Bianca is on the stage, grinding lustily beneath a petite pole dancer… the the petite woman quickly falls under Bianca’s spell, and becomes a toy to serve Bianca’s insatiable libido. Then Bianca drags Lee to a sauna, along with another woman, where she tears off her pants and demands that Lee has sex with her. He knows the danger of helping Bianca grow even bigger, but he can’t resist, no matter what it will cost…
Vixen Part VII (mega-giantess growth, destruction, crush, vore, skyscraper insertion)
The goddess Inari finally has full control over her host body, and now her growth can truly begin. She effortlessly destroys an overpass before making her way to a populated area of the city. The buildings crumple under her immense weight, but still, she feels the need to grow bigger. She hungers, for power, for souls, for size, and after devouring dozens of passerby, she grows even more gigantic. But still, she needs another kind of satisfaction. And so she looks towards a skyscraper, which is now just small enough to fit inside her… And that subsequent euphoria is just enough to kick off another triumphant growth spurt!

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RFD Comics Intro

Hey, I’m Redfiredog and this is the newly homepage of RFD Comics! Over the last few years I’ve made and published over a hundred giantess and growth comics, including comics like I, Giantess, Kaylee, Sugar Pills, Goddesses of the Arena, and Vixen!

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